Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

Matthew 19:26

When is the last time you did something unreasonable? Common sense said it was a terrible idea, but you threw logic to the wind and just went with it. How did that work out for you? My guess is if you were doing it through your own means, about as terribly as everyone expected, right? Maybe you won your own personal lottery, but more than likely the underdog in the story stayed the underdog. We have grown the philosophy of “the bigger the risk the bigger the reward,” to become something to strive for for anyone trying to make it in the financial world. “Yolo,” which from what I can tell died in 2018 was another term to mean: hey reason be darned, just do whatever your heart desires because you only live once. We are excited by this idea of the unreasonable becoming a reality so much so that it permeates every aspect of media, and its not new to us. Throughout the millennia and before the underdog stories always sell the best. How is your own underdog story working out for you though? Why is it your story never gets written about? I would say its because you are trying to make it your story. I know because that has always been my story too. Trying to risk big, only to fall further than where I started. I know all too well about trying to live the unreasonable life, and exactly the consequences.

At this point I’m sure I’ve offended someone and lost them. Maybe everyone, but let me continue. How could I be a Christian blogger talking about not having faith in unreasonable situations? Ah, good you are paying attention.

You’re right, the Bible is filled, Genesis to Revelations, with underdog stories. So why is it that I am saying unreasonable isn’t likely to become reality. There is a really good reason actually. You see, when God calls us to something or promises us something – no matter how unreasonable – we do not have to fear how unreasonable it may sound. Whereas a human story of an unreasonable situation becoming favorable is a lottery chance of luck. A God story of a seemingly unreasonable situation is already secured as certain. No matter what it is God called the people, in the Bible, to do it was absolutely certain that if they listened to Him, it would happen. Look at the list:

  • Noah builds an arc to survive a flood and continue life on Earth.
  • Abraham wife conceives a son when she is 91.
  • Joseph, the youngest child, is sold as a slave, becomes a prisoner, and then second in command of Egypt.
  • Moses, a murderer who flees out of Egypt and is a self proclaimed non-speaker, is chosen to confront the Pharaoh and lead God’s people out of slavery.
  • A small army of unarmed men walk around the walls of Jericho for a week and then shout on command and the walls all fall down.
  • David, a young shepherd boy, slays the greatest warrior Philistine has to offer. Oh, and he’s a giant too. Also becomes king of all of Israel (just a small side note)
  • Jesus is born of a virgin
  • Not one of the disciples were “upstanding” citizens before they met Jesus, in fact the worst of them ended up writing the New Testament.
  • Saul went from a man who was enraged even by the word “Christ,” to Paul, a chosen apostle of Christ.
  • and more….

That is a small list of the most well known stories, but almost every story you find is about the most unreasonable sounding people and situations becoming a true moment in history. Why? Because it was God’s story. It was already written and all He needed was for the people he chose to say, yes. When god makes the call the unreasonable becomes a guarantee. Why is it, then, that we have such a hard time having a faith that believes in the seemingly unreasonable requests of God? Why, when God calls someone to action we are quick to say, “eh, that sounds pretty unreasonable.” We are quick to hear that and take that stance ourselves. We are afraid of facing the unreasonable even when it is a God given guarantee of success. There is a reason that God calls us to be fearless of all else besides Him. If we can learn to not fear the unreasonable then God can utilize us more than we could ever imagine.

Obviously there is a big aspect to this that I am leaving out, and also another tool that fear uses to make us not carry out what God is asking of us sometimes:

How do I know if God is actually calling me to do this?

First. If you feel like God is calling you to action the first step is to start listening, looking, searching. If God has called you to action you will know because He wont just say it once. He will make it known that it is a calling or a promise because He doesn’t want you to have any doubt that He is the one telling you to do it. At no point in the Bible did God say something once and people just jumped to their feet. No, everyone takes a little coaxing and convincing even when its God making the calls.

Second. Have some friends, who are also followers of Christ, that you can trust to help you discern. I know for certain their natural instinct to protect their friend will kick in, and they will begin questioning. I’d hope so, because that’s how you discern. Tell your friends about it, pray about it together. Again, if it is a calling from God he will make it known for certain.

Third. Do some personal questioning. Is this something that shows the love of Jesus Christ to others? Is this something that you are seeking for personal gain? Can what you think God is calling you to do be used for the Kingdom of Heaven, or is there really only personal success out of this? This can be difficult because we are so quick to stamp the God seal of approval on it because it will be satisfying to our-self, but in general God is not looking to do things for your personal fulfillment. He is looking to use you as a tool to help grow the body of Christ.

Fourth. Is there anything in the Bible you can turn to to make sense of what God is asking of you? The great thing about the Bible is it is full of scripture God uses to reveal Himself to us; so utilize it to see if God has something to say about what he is calling you to do.

Five. Worst case scenario, give it a shot. If it is indeed a calling from God then his will will be done. As a side note, if you feel like God is asking you to do something harmful to yourself or others, DO NOT give it a try. It IS NOT from God.

The fact of the matter is when God speaks there is no such thing as unreasonable. There is no such thing as impossible. With God all things are possible. It may be time to pick up your personal anchor and let God send you out to the sea he is calling you to. Have faith and the only unreasonable outcome will be it not succeeding.

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I'm passionate about spreading the love of Jesus Christ in everything I do, say, and write. I am by no means perfect at this, but I strive to be better every day as my walk with Christ continues.

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